Free Nicole Reyes

We are a small group of family and friends from Rumney who are trying to raise money to support Nicole and her family.

Nicole has been held in a Dominican Republic jail since July 2012 without her case being heard.

Her family nicole1has used all of their own resources in helping their daughter to provide Nicole with the medication, food, phone cards and security she so desperately needs.

We want Nicole brought home to have a fair trial away from the corruption of the country where she is being held.

Donate now: 
account no: 90653535
sort code: 20-18-15
quoting reference: 144464908

Support Nicole Reyes to receive a fair trial  – Sign our petition:


3 thoughts on “Free Nicole Reyes

  1. Hi, I really feel for you and I know what you are going through having spent years fighting for my oartner who was in a prison in ghana after being wrongly convicted of a crime that was commited when ge hadn’t even arrived in the country. I don’t know if I can offer any help or advice as I dont know what you have already done to gain support from the uk government if you feel there is anything or aby questions pkease do not hesitate to contact me. 01545561880 I now live in west wales but lived in cardiff for 30 yeaes until recently

  2. dear Mrs Reyes,,you met my husbund at the cardiff city game tuesday evening,do you still want the signed Newcastle training top,,as offerd to you to auction ,The top is from the Shearer earer,,pleese contact us so we can arange hand over of the shirt,,thoughts are with you and your family,,Jeff and Christine Williams,

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